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No better time to revisit this mental health message

Dr Christina Pollard, the Director of Mentally Healthy WA and also Associate Professor of Public Health Priorities, School of Population Health, Curtin University, published an important mental health promotion article in the June 2021 edition of WA Journal, Medicus. The article reminds readers of the evidence-based Act Belong Commit message: stay active - mentally and physically, connect with others, and do things that give meaning to your life.

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Welcome to our new Mentally Healthy Partners: July

We're excited to highlight four new partners who have signed on to our Act Belong Commit campaign. We look forward to working with these fantastic organisations to enable mentally healthy communities.

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Managing anxiety mid-way through (another) lockdown

Part way through another Perth & Peel lockdown and many of us are no doubt experiencing some level of frustration, disappointment and/or anxiety. Most aspects of our lives have been disrupted and we are uncertain about what happens next. Anxiety and worry are normal when there is a potential or uncertain threat. The threat may be to our physical health, social connections, financial circumstances, or any other important impact on our lives such as disrupted holidays or planned events. Here are some strategies and tips to manage your way through this latest ‘new normal’.

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