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Become a partner

A partnership with Act Belong Commit is absolutely free and our partners receive the following benefits:

  • Access to Curtin University’s Mentally Healthy WA team
  • Guidance in mental health promotion strategies
  • Educational and other resources to help you share the Act Belong Commit message
  • Additional exposure for your events and activities through Act Belong Commit’s website, social media and our online ‘Activity Finder
  • Regular news and information on mental health and the Act Belong Commit campaign

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Partner Testimonies

“Act Belong Commit has been a key partner in the development and delivery of our Public Health and Wellbeing Plan. We love exploring new ways of working together to keep our community mentally healthy.”

City of Mandurah logo
Gail Frater
Healthy Communications Officer, City of Mandurah

“Act Belong Commit forms a key part of Curtin’s wellbeing plan. We recognise that it’s important to equip students and staff with the knowledge of how they can protect their mental health and we want to foster an environment which encourages our people to adopt the Act Belong Commit principles.”

Curtin English
Ian Jackson
Director of People and Culture, Curtin University

“Being an Act Belong Commit school helps us increase social connection and participation for our students and increase their overall sense of wellbeing.”

Koorda PS Logo
Emma Grant
Principal, Koorda Primary School

“The Act Belong Commit campaign complements Alliance Against Depression – social contact can help lift your mood, and moderate physical exercise can lessen symptoms of depression. The Act Belong Commit Activity Finder helps identify local activities which support your community’s mental wellbeing.”

Belmont Alliance Against Depression logo
Felicity Hatzis, Belmont Alliance against Depression

“At Connect Village Hub, the Act Belong Commit message is at the centre of everything that we do.  It is important to stay physically healthy, but mental health and social connection are equally important to ageing well.  Act Belong Commit is a great reminder to always provide opportunities for social connection.”

Connect Victoria Park Logo
Vicki Potter, Connect Victoria Park
Village Hub Co-ordinator

“Partnering with Act Belong Commit has helped us in so many ways! We’ve been able to build meaningful connections with stakeholders in different regions and use the promotional power from Act Belong Commit to extend our messaging, helping us reach more people and ultimately make a bigger impact for communities in need.”

Yogazeit logo
Regina Cruickshank
Executive Director, Yogazeit Ltd.

“As Student Support Officer at Lakeland SHS, I have seen firsthand the impact Act Belong Commit and its ethos has had, and is still having, upon our student body.”

Lakeland SHS logo
Student Support Officer, Lakeland Senior High School