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What is the Act Belong Commit Partnership Program?

A key flagship strategy of Act Belong Commit is the diverse partnership program which complements and supports the statewide campaign to:

  • Significantly extend the reach of the Act Belong Commit message; particularly to hard-to-reach populations.
  • Direct people to opportunities for them to be active, connect with others and undertake meaningful activities.
  • Encourage and support organisations to provide environments which create opportunities to put the Act Belong Commit message into practice.

A partnership with Act Belong Commit is free and our partners receive the following benefits:

  • Access to Curtin University’s Mentally Healthy WA team
  • Guidance in mental health promotion strategies
  • Educational and other resources to help you share the Act Belong Commit message
  • Additional exposure for your events and activities through Act Belong Commit’s website, social media and our online ‘Activity Finder
  • Regular news and information on mental health and the Act Belong Commit campaign

Who are our partners?

The 300+ Act Belong Commit Partners include local governments, peak bodies, schools and many local community groups across the State. Beyond Western Australia, a small number of national and international organisations, including universities and regional governments, which have agreements to use the Act Belong Commit message within their populations.

In Western Australia there are four types of partners: Site Partners, Associate Partners, Community Partners and School Partners.

Site Partners are local governments and health services in metropolitan and regional areas, with the responsibility for service delivery to populations in defined geographical areas.

Site partners share and promote the Act Belong Commit message with their populations through multiple communication channels and projects. They also provide opportunities for people to put the Act Belong Commit principles into action, for example by hosting their own community events and supporting community groups to do the same in their area.

“Act Belong Commit has been a key partner in the development and delivery of our Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.”
Gail Frater, City of Mandurah

Associate Partners are organisations (often with state-wide responsibility) that focus on particular populations and whose activities and objectives align with the Act Belong Commit message.

People from culturally diverse backgrounds wearing traditional clothing and holding their countries flags

Associate Partner Umbrella Inc. brings Act Belong Commit to life for people aged 65 years and over from a diverse range of cultures.

Associate partners work with us on programs that promote mentally healthy behaviours (eg increased rates of volunteering and neighbourhood connection) and reach key vulnerable populations including CALD communities, seniors, regional and remote populations.

Happy students talking to each other in university grounds

Associate Partner Curtin University has made Act Belong Commit a key part of its student and staff wellbeing program.

Community Partners are local, grass-roots community groups that provide a diverse range of opportunities for people to be active, connect with others and do meaningful activities.

Community Partners encourage their members and stakeholders to adopt the Act Belong Commit principles. By attaching the Act Belong Commit branding and message to their activities, Community Partners showcase the many ways individuals can take part in activities that support and protect positive mental health and wellbeing.

School Partners include both primary and secondary schools, based in metropolitan and regional Western Australia. Through the Mentally Healthy Schools program schools are provided a framework to embed Act Belong Commit in their classroom, whole school environment and broader school community. Staff and students are encouraged to take action to improve and protect their mental health and wellbeing and build connections with their local community to foster a mentally healthy environment.

Young children colouring in together at the park

Act Belong Commit mindful colouring resources are popular amongst Mentally Healthy School Partners.

Want to become a Partner?

As an Act Belong Commit partner your organisation will be aligned with a recognised and highly regarded, evidence-based mental health promotion message. You’ll be equipped to educate people on how to protect and promote mental health and wellbeing and have access to a range of support and resources to do so.

Please contact us if you have questions about the Partnership Program or if you would like to become a Partner and get involved.