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Children and adults jumping together in front of a river

Partnership Program

We partner with many community groups, local governments, health organisations, peak bodies and schools. Our partners share the Act Belong Commit message and help people put it into practice.

School students walking down a back lane next to a wall with 'Act' painted on

Mentally Healthy Schools

Mentally Healthy Schools provides a framework to embed Act Belong Commit within the classroom, school environment and broader school community to protect and improve the mental health and wellbeing of students, staff and wider school community.

A red dirt track in an Australian outback setting

Aboriginal Program

Act Belong Commit uses tailored branding and messaging to specifically address the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal people with an emphasis on interactions with family, involvement in community activities and connections to country and culture.

Aboriginal boys on stage playing musical instruments

Healthway Partnerships

Healthway is a long standing, co-funder of the Act Belong Commit campaign and through its Healthy Partnerships Program it funds organisations to promote Act Belong Commit in a variety of community settings.

Media operators filming two people on the stadium

Ambassadors Program

The Act Belong Commit Ambassador Program engages positive role models to champion mental health and wellbeing and help promote the Act Belong Commit campaign across a variety of community settings.

Participants of a course standing around an Act Belong Commit banner holding their certificates

Youth Connectors

The Act Belong Commit Youth Connectors program is a peer-based mental health promotion initiative that engages young people to encourage the adoption of mentally healthy behaviours.