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How do I keep mentally healthy?

Act Belong Commit’s ‘Standing Strong Together’ message was developed specifically for Aboriginal people. It emphasises the dependency of social and emotional wellbeing on interactions with family, involvement in community activities and connection to Country and culture.

You can use the Act Belong Commit principles to get on the front foot with your social and emotional wellbeing.

Act: Do something

Keep active – mentally, socially, spiritually, physically and culturally.
Yarn, go out bush, sing a song, go fishing, create some art, go for a walk.

Belong: Do something with someone

Build and maintain a strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity by keeping connected to family and language groups, and by getting together with others at cultural events and visits to Country.

Commit: Do something meaningful

Commit to caring for Country, to teaching the young ones about culture and language or re-learning culture and language yourself, support family and community, take part in cultural ceremonies and express culture in art, music, dance and stories.

Act Belong Commit’s Standing Strong Together messaging was first developed in Roebourne, the traditional country of the Ngarluma People, as part of the pilot Standing Strong Together Aboriginal project (2014 – 2018).

Want more tips

Check out How to keep mentally healthy for more tips and inspiration on how you can Act Belong Commit today!

Banner image provided by Mentally Healthy School Girrawheen High School celebrating NAIDOC Week 2021.