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Mentally Healthy WA

Our vision:
A society that values mental health and where everyone has the opportunity to be mentally healthy.

Our mission:
To enhance population mental health by creating supportive environments that strengthen individual and community resilience.

Mentally Healthy WA (based at Curtin University) operates the well-established Act-Belong-Commit mental health promotion campaign, a unique, evidence-based program applicable to the whole community.

Using a community-based social marketing model to build population mental health in Western Australia, Mentally Healthy WA runs a number of programs including:

Our History

Mentally Healthy WA’s story began in 2002 when researchers at Curtin University were commissioned by Healthway to investigate people's perceptions of mental health and the behaviours they believed protected and promoted good mental health.

Following a successful pilot phase (2005-2007) in six regional communities throughout Western Australian, the campaign was launched state-wide in 2008 and has since grown from strength to strength, with uptake in other parts of Australia, Europe and the USA.

What We Do

Our overall vision is to work toward a society that values mental health and where everyone has the opportunity to be mentally healthy by creating supportive environments that strengthens individual and community resilience.

We do this through the well-established mental health promotion campaign Act-Belong-Commit, which has continued to grow in reach and impact as it helps to change attitudes towards mental health and reducing stigma towards mental illness by encouraging people to be more open about mental health issues and inspiring people to engage in activities that strengthen their mental well-being.


Using a structured partnership model involving 270+ partners across Schools, Community, Associates and International organisations, we raise awareness and encourage participation in activities promoting good mental health, strengthen individual resilience, reduce stigma associated with mental illness, and build more mentally healthy communities. 

Our 10-year partnership with the Mental Health Commission, 10-year partnership with the City of Rockingham and 14-year partnership with Healthway are prime examples.

By encouraging and supporting partnerships across and within a broad range of organisations and diverse physical, mental and social activities, Mentally Healthy WA ensures that community consultation and cooperation is an ongoing priority in planning, implementation and evaluation, cementing the notion that mental health is everybody’s business.


Mentally Healthy WA has been recognised in a number of awards including: 

  • Winner, Lifeline's Prevention or Promotion Award for outstanding contribution to Mental Health promotion, Western Australian Mental Health Awards, 2019
  • Letter of Commendation, Mental Health Promotion or Mental Illness Prevention category, The Mental Health Service Awards of Australia and New Zealand, 2019
  • Finalist, Standing Strong Together Project in Roebourne, WA Community Service Excellence Awards, 2018
  • Finalist, Diversity Category, Pilbara Capacity Building Project, Mental Health Awards, 2017
  • Winner, Australian Medical Association (WA) and Healthway, Healthier WA Award, 2013
  • Winner, Mental Health Promotion and Mental Illness Prevention category, Mental Health Outcome Award, 2009

You can read the latest evaluation of the Act-Belong-Commit campaign here

You can read our most recent Annual Impact Statement here.