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56 The Esplanade
Esperance, 6450

About this activity...

Bay of Isles Community Outreach (BOICO) is a Not for Profit Organisation that provides recovery focused community managed mental health and wellbeing services for people affected by mental illness, their carers and families. Our outcomes are achieved by our programs that aim to encourage -

HOPE - a combination of empathy with respect to the persons present life (what is) and the persons capacity (what can be).

PARTICIPATION - people need to be involved in all aspects of their recovery process.

CHOICE - people have the right to be in the centre of decisions that affect their life.

EMPOWERMENT - means that a person is able to say "I can" rather than "I can't" and empowerment is built through achieving in life's many tasks.

COMMUNITY FOCUS - promote opportunities for inclusion in the community.

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Support Groups

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