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Our mission is to make a real and positive difference for Australia's birds.

Over the years our conservation work has achieved beneficial results for a wide range of different species. Our experience and specialised knowledge combined with our ability to unite and inspire the bird-loving community means that we can act quickly and decisively at local, state and national levels.

It's not just about saving our precious birds -- we all enjoy watching birds as well. This is why we help people learn about birds and conduct a diverse array of activities so that you can get out into nature and appreciate birds with like-minded people.

Like you, birds are in our nature.

There are six regional groups in Western Australia. The groups report to the main BirdLife Western Australia branch.

They organise excursions and other activities such as supporting BirdLife Western Australia and national projects.

Birdlife WA Groups

See the group name for more details about the group and relevant contact details. There are groups in Albany, Margaret River, Bunbury, Peel, the Wheatbelt and Midwest-Geraldton regions.

Activity type: Animals - Health & Wellness - Nature

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