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Crab Creek Rd
Broome , 6725

About this activity...

Volunteer help is essential to achieve the aims of Broome Bird Observatory and include:
- General maintenance of facilities
- Helping with routine cleaning of facilities
- Grounds maintenance
- Serving as campground host in peak season
- Running shop and assisting visitors
- Assisting with stall at Saturday market
- A willingness to stay at least one month is preferred. Volunteers receive free accommodation and access to facilities, including the camp kitchen, showers, and toilets. Volunteers may also have the opportunity to assist with on-going research activities and to join tours.

The observatory is located on the north-west coast of Australia on the shores of Roebuck Bay: Just 25 kilometres east of the town of Broome and some 2,400 road kilometres north of Perth.

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Activity type: Animals - Nature - Volunteering & Giving Back

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