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Broome Tri Club is proud to be the most isolated triathlon club in Australia. Broome Tri Sports Association Inc (better known as Broome Tri Club) is proud to have grown to our membership base over the last few years and we now boast several Ironmen and women, in addition to many people starting out in this addictive sport. Our season runs from April to October, including the annual Cable Beach Triathlon in August / September …the perfect time in Broome, when the southern part of Australia is looking for relief from the winter months! We encourage participation from all ages and levels of ability and fitness, and love to facilitate the development of everyone involved, through a range of training sessions for all those wishing to get involved. If you are interested in giving the sport of Triathlon a go and you are living in Broome or passing through, please contact us. All you need is a love of activity and a great attitude. Fat tyres, an old pair of togs and a decent pair of treads will get you through!  We hope to welcome you to the wonderful world of Triathlon… and believe us, it’s addictive! Come and give it a ‘tri’! Learn more here.

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Sports & Fitness

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