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Angi McCluskey

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Forget-Me-Not Dementia Support are a not for profit, non-funded and totally voluntary association, hosting Forget-me-Not Memory Caf├ęs throughout the Perth metro and Regional areas, creating social support and providing safe, non-judgemental friendly environments where people living with Dementia, their family and Carers may relax, share a cup of coffee and chat with others who are travelling a similar life path.

Nearly every household shall soon be affected by Dementia in one way or another, with family members, friends and/or colleagues succumbing to this insidious unforgiving disease. Dementia is the primary killer of women in Australia and second only to heart disease in men. Currently there is no cure or disease control.

Statistics show we have approximately 500,000 people living with Dementia in Australia, with younger Onset Dementia affecting around 29,000 of those.

Dementia is not a natural stage of ageing.

Activity type: Support Groups

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