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41 Clarke Rd
Margaret River, 6284


Sally Wylie

About this activity...

The garden was set up several years ago to: 
To provide a space where people who don't have the space to garden at home can, for a low rent, lease a wicking bed .
To provide gardening advice as well as information on how to build and garden in a wicking bed.
To provide a welcoming space to people who want to be involved in a Community garden as much for socializing as for gardening.
To provide a supportive environment for people with disabilities to be active outside, learn new skills and to mix in the community.

Meet date: 8.30 - 11.00 am Wednesday mornings, Morning tea is around 11.00 but people can come whenever they like and stay as long as they like. Members are welcome to visit garden whenever they like during week.

Age:  All  ages and genders  are welcome. 

For more information call in on Wednesday mornings or ring Sally at 97572940

Activity type: Gardening - Nature - Support Groups - Volunteering & Giving Back

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