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About this activity...

Men's Sheds provide opportunities for people to be active, make new friends and challenge themselves personally.

While Men's Sheds were traditionally for older retired men looking for something to do, younger men and women are now getting involved. People join a Men's Shed for many different reasons, looking to learn something new or refresh old skills, people wanting to do something on their days off, people looking to develop new friendships and people wanting to give back to the community.

Inside the sheds you'll find people working with wood or metal, but you'll also find gardeners, art classes, singing groups, bicycle groups and all sorts of other activities. Each Shed is unique and there is something for everyone.

Don't feel excluded by the name. Many Sheds invite women to join or have times set aside for women to use the equipment.

With over 100 Men's Sheds throughout WA, there is probably one near you.

Activity type: Arts & Crafts - Gardening - Health & Wellness - Support Groups - Technology

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