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7A Kitchener St
North Beach, 6020



Metropolitan Symphony

About this activity...

MetSO community orchestras are fun and friendly groups that meet weekly for rehearsals and perform once per school term.
We welcome string players of all ages and all levels. Other orchestral musicians are invited to apply to our Symphony Orchestra (subject to vacancies).

MetSO Full Orchestra | AMEB 6+ | Mondays 7.45 pm
MetSO Chamber Orchestra | AMEB 4+ | Fridays 12 pm
MetSO Intermediate String Orchestra (MISO) | AMEB 2-5 |Wed 7.30 pm
Avanti (Beginner Strings) | Prelim - 2 | Wed 6.30 pm

MetSO also provides volunteering opportunities in orchestral and event management

Activity type: Music - Volunteering & Giving Back

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