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When & Where

12 Mouat Street
Fremantle, 6160

About this activity...

MyLocalMind Inc. is a grass roots community wellbeing initiative and registered mental health promotion charity (#81280560440).

Our vision and passion is to change the way mental illness is viewed and treated in a community setting.

MyLocalMind Inc. aims to be responsive to the needs of the local community by providing an online community support forum, in addition to mental health promotion events that are identified as needed by the community.

MyLocalMind Inc. endorses only specific events that are evidence-based and staffed by mental health professionals, and works across social media and face-to-face mediums to fill gaps in local community mental health systems.

Where: 12 Mouat Street Fremantle, WA, 6160; servicing the Perth metropolitan area

Age: Ages 12 years and over

Activity type: Online - Support Groups

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