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When & Where

Carramar Community Centre
5 Rawlinna Parkway
Carramar, 6031


normally free for members and $10 for non-members


Sandra Troncone

About this activity...

North Coast Art Club a sociable and diverse group of artists who run monthly workshops or demonstrations at the Carramar Community Centre. It is a place where fellow artists meet and share knowledge. 

We also organise several exhibitions throughout the year and weekend getaways in WA.

Members are to bring own refreshments and requipment to workshops. Workshops are normally free for members and $10 for non-members (visitors).

Occassionally we have special demonstrations/guests and life models where we charge a minimal fee.

We meet every second Sunday of the month from 1 - 4pm at the Carramar Community Centre, 5 Rawlinna Parkway, Carramar.



Activity type: Arts & Crafts - Support Groups

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