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U1/149 Herdsman Parade
Wembley , 6014

About this activity...

PFT targets well being through cultural and linguistic development using the medium of theatre. We are passionate about sharing our wonderful French culture. We love creating events which inspire us and touch the hearts.

We are aware it can be hard for Francophone children and adults to stay connected to their language and culture. We know, through experience that learning a language is demanding, particularly when you don’t have the opportunity to practice in a real environment. That’s why we established PFT.

We are open to everyone who wants to enjoy and learn about French culture and drama. Both Francophone and French learners will discover many technics to improve confidence, memory and a variety of skills useful for every day life. Drama is a complete artistic activity where mind and body work together allowing an encounter between you and the language to create the intimacy necessary for good communication... We are passionate about creating high quality performances and bringing professionalism to the wonderful world of amateur theatre!

There are many ways to be part of this journey: from drama training and live stage experience, to becoming a volunteer to help backstage. As  a member of PFT you also enjoy special prices for paid performances and can participate in our school holiday programs. PFT might be just what you’re looking for and it’s fun! :-)

We are located at U1/149 Herdsman Parade, Wembley 6014


Activity type: Theatre & Cinema

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