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When & Where

Lark Hill Sportsplex
Port Kennedy, 6172

About this activity...

Rockingham City Football is located at Larkhill Sports Complex, which undoubtedly is one of the finest sports complexes in Western Australia.

Mission Statement: To provide a supportive, professional club to engage and enhance football players and supporters through all phases of their sporting career.

Corporate Vision:- To become the Premier sporting club in the City of Rockingham, through successfully developing local football talent in Western Austarlia in a discipline, professional, community based environment.

Our Core Values:-

LOYALTY - to the club, the team & each other

RESPECT - for the game, the officails, our supporters, our club & each other

INTEGRITY - in all of our dealings. Do the right thing thing however difficult that may be.

PRIDE - in our history, our facilities, our ability and what we can achieve.

TRUST - in each other and the people with whom we associate.

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Sports & Fitness

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