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Point Peron Rd
Rockingham, 6168


Rockingham Volunteer Sea Rescue Group

About this activity...

Marine Rescue Rockingham is staffed by Volunteers working as either Radio Tower Operators, Boat Crew or Administrative support.

No prior experience is required. Administration and training is conducted in accordance with Western Australia Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) policy. More information is provided at

Radio Operators normally do a weekly four-hour shift in the tower, logging vessels on and off and responding to distress calls.

Boat crews progress through the Trainee, Crew, Senior Crew and Skipper development pathway. Training includes OH&S, safety, radio procedures, seamanship, navigation and is provided through combination of in-house courses, on-line (computer resources are available at the headquarters) and on-board competencies assessed by skippers.

Boat crews are in a weekly cycle, with a regular crew assigned to each day of the week.Flexibility is provided for those with other work commitments, and there are sufficient crew members for individuals to be absent a few weeks for holidays or personal commitments.

The duty boat crew meets at 0800 for training at the headquarters or underway in the rescue vessel. If there are no recue calls, the crew leave the headquarters to return home for the remainder of the 24 hour period as long as they remain available for recall at short notice.

Marine Rescue Rockingham are always looking for new volunteers.

Activity type: Nature - Ocean & River - Volunteering & Giving Back

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