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27 Roe Street
Roebourne , 6717

About this activity...

Roebourne Art Group is based in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. With a membership of around 70 artists of Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, RAG is the region's only inclusive art group. In common with indigenous artists from other parts of Australia, our artists paint their stories - from "when the world was soft" before creation, to contemporary pieces reflecting the reality of life today in one of the country's most remote, toughest areas. Roebourne Art Group represents Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists working in an area that is home to many different Aboriginal language groups. It is located in Yirramagadu or Roebourne town, at 27 Roe Street. This is also a sales/exhibition space where you can view work from the artists.

The Roebourne Art Group artists share their culture, country and stories through artwork. The Group represent artists in the towns of Roebourne, Karratha and Wickham, as well as the communities of Cheeditha, Weymul, and Ngurawaana.



Activity type: Arts & Crafts

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