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Secret Harbour Blvd
Secret Harbour, 6173


About this activity...

Secret Harbour SLSC is the focal point of surf lifesaving activities within the City of Rockingham. dedicated to ensuring the safety of all beach patrons, not only at Secret Harbour Beach, but also the approximate 35 kilometres of Rockingham Coast which by nature has many hazardous and dangerous elements including sharks, tidal surges and rips.

This club is an integral part of a surf lifesaving network which complements and supports surf clubs in neighbouring Local Governments. 

The club delivers annually over 6,000 patrol hours to the Rockingham community, conducting over 300 rescues and some 3000 preventatives.

Our volunteers are committed to the development of junior and community activities for the local area, in conjunction with excellence in the provision of educational training & courses, youth programs and surf sports.

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Nature - Sports & Fitness - Volunteering & Giving Back

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