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Tough times always seem a little easier to handle when there’s someone standing by your side. At St Bart’s, we focus on where people can go and the personal goals they can achieve, rather than where they come from.

St Bartholomew’s House Accommodation Service offers secure accommodation, support services, as well as intensive support for people experiencing, or at risk of homelessness.

Our Aged Care Services comprise of federally funded, subsidised programs including; a specialist residential aged care, community aged care (Homecare); The Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged. (ACHA)

Accommodation for people living with a mental illness who need 2-4 hours support per day in order to live independently in the community.

We maintain and provide long term affordable accommodation/housing options for people who have a disability or are financially and socially disadvantaged.

St Bart’s have a dedicated team of volunteers that give their time to help. The aim is to provide our clients with positive social support and encourage their participation in a range of recreational, living skills and/or community based activities.

Activity type: Support Groups

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