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Unit 4, 33-35 Strickland Street
Denmark, 6333


Basil Schur - Green Skills

About this activity...

The Denmark Community Garden is situated in the heart of Denmark behind the Morgan Richardson Centre and the Denmark Community Resource Centre. This garden aspires to be a welcoming, inclusive, innovative and collaborative environment that will thrive as a vibrant community learning resource into the future.

It aims to promote personal and community wellbeing through the sharing of creative ideas and skills about growing healthy organic food and herbs. It also aims to promote greater environmental awareness in its activities, such as encouraging the use of pre-loved materials. It is open to everyone, from all walks of life, young and old, with varying interests and abilities.

Activities include the day to day running of the garden, regular volunteer busy bees, workshops and gatherings. 

New members are requird to receive a safety induction before joining in hands on activities. Once signed up, members receive emails and texts about all seasonally focused workshops, visiting presenters, busy bees and other community events.

Activity type: Gardening - Health & Wellness - Nature

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