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Okehampton Road
Warnbro, 6169

About this activity...

The Warnbro Swans Cricket Club (WSCC), formerly the Warnbro Careeba Cricket Club, plays Senior cricket in the Peel Cricket Association (PCA) and Junior cricket in the Peel Junior Cricket Association (PJCA). Both of which are based around the Rockingham/ Mandurah area Western Australia. The Club has a family focus and is one of, if not, the largest clubs in the region. Our home is located in the Warnbro Recreation Centre which is situated near the corner of Currie Street and Okehampton Avenue in Warnbro.We have both a hard wicket and what is arguably the best turf wicket in the association. We also have licensed clubrooms, the “Trevor Senior Room”, which we share throughout the year with the Warnbro Swans Football Club. Whilst our A Grade team along with our B,C,D,E & F Grades are always striving to win, the lower grades are somewhat more socially orientated.So if you live in the Warnbro area and wish to play cricket for us, drop in you never know where it may lead.   Both Senior and Junior players can register online by following the link "Register to Play" under the Player Information area in the menu.

Activity type: Health & Wellness - Sports & Fitness

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