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Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company, Whadjuk Boodjar
180 Hamersley Road
Subiaco, 6008

About this activity...

Each year Yirra Yaakin presents a vital and strong education program suitable for young people. We create youth-focused productions, undertake residencies and conduct workshops across the state. We tour locally and regionally, providing unique cultural experiences to some of the most remote communities in the world.

With a focus on West Australian Cross-Curriculum priorities Yirra Yaakin is developing and expanding its education program to meet the needs of schools, families and the wider community.

The Arts, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures enrich understanding of the diversity of arts practices in Australia. Exploration of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures provides a rich opportunity to build a greater understanding of Australian history as well as fostering mutual understanding and respect between cultures.

With this in mind from 2013 we joined with our new Community Cultural partner, The Western Australian Museum, to grow and develop opportunities to present contemporary Aboriginal performing arts experiences.

At Yirra Yaakin teachers and AIEO’s are our partners in promoting the value of young people’s involvement in arts and culture. The company enjoys strong relationships with schools throughout Perth, and in regional and remote communities of WA.

Our productions and programs are about bringing educators and students opportunities designed to make students think, question their preconceptions and expand their knowledge of theatre as well as contemporary and traditional Aboriginal culture.

Our schools program is supported by quality comprehensive educational materials, and is designed to develop theatre/audience skills, social/personal attributes and to promote a uniquely Aboriginal cultural learning experience.

Our current program sees Yirra Yaakin offering a diverse range of presentations, including incursion/ excursion performances, one-off events, and specialised workshops. These are directly linked to the current Curriculum Framework, with a range of offerings suitable for students of all ages.

Activity type: Theatre & Cinema

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