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Kununurra Neighbourhood House
7 Chestnut Avenue
Kununurra, 6743


Kununurra Neighbourhood House

About this activity...

Our lively Young at Heart's are truly a bunch of characters we are proud to have adopted, each week they are a wealth of wisdom, laughs and stories that light up Wednesdays at KNH.This informal social group is a valuable one for seniors in our town, it allows over 55's to gather in a homelike setting, feel less isolated and connect to other like minded people in their senior years.  On occasion a guest speaker will attend the group to answer questions or they will take an outing  to a local cafe to keep active and vibrant in our community.Anyone over 55 is welcome to attend at no cost.Bring a plate to share for morning tea if you wish to.

When: Wednesdays 10.30am - 12.30pm

Where: Kununurra Neighbourhood House, 7 Chestnut Avenue

Activity type: Support Groups

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