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Perth CBD


Tabetha Vagliviello

About this activity...

Zahara Dance Company is a multicultural company of hard working women of various ages with a shared passion for dance and movement from around the world, have come together to form Zahara Dance Company Inc. a multifaceted multi dimensional dance company.

Incorporating many world styles for example Middle Eastern Dance, Australian Indigenous dance, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Greek plus more...From time to time cameo or fusion performances may feature some of the very high caliber cultural performers in WA for instance the Cossack dancers, Highland dancers or Irish dancers.

The idea is to present themed or story lined ballets with cultural dance fusions to entertain, educate, promote and inspire audiences, young and old whilst encouraging multiculturalism and tolerance through a greater understanding of some of the diversities/positives of various cultures represented whilst highlighting the similarities. 


Activity type: Dance

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