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12 Ways to Act-Belong-Commit This Christmas

Posted 8 Nov 2019

With the silly season just around the corner, it can be both exciting and daunting as many of us rush to finish work or school for the year, shop for food and presents, finish off those house renovations, and support the kids to finish school for the year.

Which is why we’ve come up with a list of twelve ways you can Act-Belong-Commit this Christmas to help you have a mentally healthy, more relaxing and joyful Christmas.

1 – Get Festive!

There are little things you can do to embrace this time of year and feel the Christmas magic. You could decorate your home-dwelling or workplace, listen to Christmas songs, view the Christmas lights in your neighbourhood or plan to attend your local carols by candlelight with others.

What makes you feel festive?

2 – Give

Giving is good for you and for others.

Make a difference this festive season by organising a charity collection with your family or workplace. It can be as simple as providing tinned food to a homeless shelter, collecting presents for disadvantaged children, taking old towels and bedding to an animal shelter or making a monetary donation to a charity of your choice.

Here’s some other ways you can give this festive season.

3 – Do something different

This holiday’s, break out of your routine and do something different. Something you’ve never done before!

You could have a go at surfing, tai chi or belly dancing. You could try a new recipe or go to that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try out. You could even enrol in course to kick off in the New Year!

4 – Express Yourself

There are so many ways to express yourself! You can sing or listen to Carols, write a poem or song or get crafty, paint or draw Christmas things. Remember to take lots of photos and best of all, make lots of memories

Here’s some inspiration for you – download and complete our Festive colouring-in template!

mindful colouring

5 – Give Kindness over Gifts

Kindness is a cheap and easy gift to give to others during the Festive Season (and can make you and others feel just as good as a purchased gift)! Here are some ideas: write someone a kind note, wish people you interact with a Merry Christmas, bake treats for co-workers, and stay calm and patient on the roads and in the shops.

6 – Feeling Blue? Act Green!

Get an instant boost by camping or sleeping outdoors, playing games outside, going for a walk or a swim, or simply stepping out the house to enjoy the fresh air.

7 – Get Social

In the busy lead up to Christmas, take a break and get social. Connect and celebrate with others by attending a Christmas festival in your neighbourhood. Check out the Act-Belong-Commit Activity Finder for an event near you.

8 – Reconnect

Christmas is the perfect time to reconnect with family and friends, so make a date to catch up with loved ones you haven’t seen in ages. If you can’t see them in person, book in a video or phone call!

9 – Reflect

Take a few minutes to reflect, and maybe write down what made you feel mentally healthy this year. What were the highlights? Who did you enjoy being around? What made you feel good and happy?

woman on beach meditating

10 – Relax

Don’t forget to make time for yourself during the busy holiday period. Do something relaxing such as reading a book, watching a movie, doing some yoga, going for a walk or even taking a nap.

11 – Gratitude

Did you know that practicing gratitude daily helps you to tune in and recognise the positive things in life, even when the going gets tough? It can also be good for your mental health and relationships!

What are you grateful for this festive season?

12 – Celebrate Christmas Your Way

This Christmas, we especially encourage everyone to celebrate Christmas your way!

You could spend the day with family or friends, at home or away, eating lots of food or enjoying a nice salad, playing cricket on the beach or spending the day with your fur-children, or watching a Christmas movie marathon or reading a book.

However you choose to celebrate Christmas, we hope you have a wonderful day!