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Grow a Healthy Outlook

Posted 27 May 2016

It is very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and with 1 in 10 Australians experiencing Anxiety at any one time; we need to be more aware of ways to stay mentally healthy.

The ‘Act-Belong-Commit’ campaign is coordinated by a small group based at Curtin University in Shenton Park. The campaign’s message encourages people to be active and have a sense of belonging, meaning and purpose in life- all for happiness and good mental health.

With World Environment Day fast approaching Sunday 5 June, it is important to remember to appreciate the natural environment around us and focus on the mental health benefits this can provide. Contact with nature whether through parks, natural bush, the ocean, pets or farm animals, can help us relax, recover from stress and mental fatigue, and puts us in a good frame of mind.

Act: do some gardening; take a walk around the local park; watch a wildlife documentary; take time to watch the sunset; spend time with pets.

Belong: enjoy a group picnic in a natural setting; visit a wildlife sanctuary with friends; join a hiking group.

Commit: join a tree planting group; volunteer to keep your local parks & gardens clean; take up orienteering; learn more about ecology; offer to take a home-bound person out to a park.

Jessica Marmoy at Mentally Healthy WA says “Relaxing, socialising, exercising or volunteering in nature has a calming effect on our mind and body. Being in touch with nature makes us feel good, builds good mental health and helps beat the blues.

She added “Some local ways to get nearer to nature include; visiting Cottesloe Beach, walking along the Swan River or around Herdsman Lake, trekking up Reabold Hill with a group of friends to enjoy the view, or joining a volunteer group at Kings Park”.