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Launching the Mentally Healthy Schools Program Video!

Posted 12 Feb 2019

We are excited to launch our new video about our Mentally Healthy Schools Program, a program that has been making an impact in changing the way students and school staff think – and talk – about mental health throughout WA!

A recent evaluation of the Mentally Healthy Schools Program shows it has made significant progress in encouraging young people to talk about mental health, in reducing stigma around mental illness, and in increasing staff and student participation in mentally healthy activities.

Our new video features the program’s evaluation results from the last four years, and is snapshot of all of the amazing work that is happening in our partner schools across WA.

About the Mentally Healthy Schools Program

The Mentally Healthy Schools Program provides a framework to embed the Act-Belong-Commit Campaign within the classroom, school environment and the whole school community in order to boost the mental health and wellbeing of students and staff and prevent the onset of mental health problems.

The Mentally Healthy Schools program aims to:

  • Encourage young Western Australians to adopt mentally healthy behaviours early in life
  • Build resiliency so they can cope better with problems and stress
  • Reduce stigma around mental illness and increase openness about discussing mental health
  • Build the capacity of school staff to create mentally healthy school environments
  • Foster partnerships between schools and their communities.

The great thing about the Mentally Healthy Schools Program is how flexible and adaptive it is. Each individual school decides how promotion of the Act-Belong-Commit principles are done in their school community. There are many options for all different needs, demographics, resources and capacities.

Any primary or secondary school in Western Australia can partner with us to promote the Act-Belong-Commit message. To find out more about the program or how your school can become more mentally healthy, get in touch.