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Mental Health Tips for New Parents

Posted 25 Jan 2019

Becoming a new parent is an amazing experience, however it is also incredibly life-changing and can at times be stressful.

Taking action to boost your mental health can help you manage the challenges you may experience and improve you and your baby’s wellbeing.


Being active helps to boost your mood and cope with problems and stress. You can keep active by:

• Taking the baby out for a walk in the pram

• Heading to the park for some fresh air

• Catching up with friends for a coffee

• Calling a friend for a chat when you’re out on a walk or cuddling your baby on the couch.


Keeping in touch with friends, family and members of the community helps you stay connected and involved in everyday life. Here’s some ideas:

• Connect with other new parents, be it on or offline

• Find support networks in your community, such as mothers or fathers groups

• Say yes when someone offers to help you.


Commitment gives us a sense of meaning and purpose in life which increases life satisfaction and resilience. Here’s some ideas:

• Set yourself small and manageable goals

• Register for a parenting course

• Take your baby to swimming lessons designed for parents with babies!

• Remembering that becoming a parent is a big challenge, so make sure to celebrate your achievements!


Here are some resources to help to look after your mental health and wellbeing as a new parent:

Organisations and Helplines

Need Support?