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Seeking Volunteers for the Solo-dweller Photography Project

Posted 16 Oct 2019

Photographic artist Louise Gan is seeking volunteers to participate in her ongoing photo project “Home Alone”, a collection of photographs of 50 solo-dwellers.

Louise uses the photos to showcase our vibrant yet hidden individuality, in the hopes to recognise the value of the Self and achieve the independence of the mind.

“As a photographer and an artist, this project is my personal attempt in strengthening community mental well-being.”

Louise Gan

In comparison to times spent as a child, I have found my adult life to be one of fewer worries. I have everything I need and am lucky to have found fulfilling and lasting love.

However, as I grew used to living with my partner, getting his mental support whenever I needed, I became terrified of losing what I currently have. One day I visited a solo-dweller friend at her single-bedroom apartment. I was intrigued by the interior, which in every aspect spoke her personality even though she took no notice herself. I grew curious about the domestic environments of those who live alone, as I had never done so in my life. I began imagining what my place would be like if I lived alone as well, and what would some of the issues I’d have to face.

In a way, I grew more independent in the mind, confident I would be ok without the comfort provided by those who love me unconditionally. On the flip side, it has also helped me to notice and appreciate gestures of care more than before.

man in kitchen, cat in foreground

Louise Gan Solo-Dwellers project “Home Alone”

Why Participate?

The Home Alone Project promotes open mindedness, self-recognition and respect for others.

As a participant, you will be encouraged to do some self-reflective thinking with the aim to discover your inner-self. The process not only means a bit of self-discovery that may act as a tool for lasting mental health benefits, it also provides a sense of belonging to the larger human society we live in. And while your own photos reflect how special you are in your own mind, the photos of 49 other people put together make it apparent that everyone else is just as special and holds the same value as you.

However, as a documentary-style project, it cannot exist without the commitment of 50 solo-dwellers. Of course, your commitment comes after a detailed explanation from me regarding what there is to expect. Once we have achieved 50 participants, I will organise at least one public exhibition in Perth for everyone involved to meet face-to-face. The event will offer a refreshing perspective for participants as well as other viewers, into the unique minds of us as independent yet collective human beings.

For more information

If you are currently living solo (pets are an exception) within metro WA, Louise would love to hear from you! You can contact Louise via mobile on 04 8879 5065 or email at

For a selection of Louise’s previous “Home Alone” photos, go to