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Stargazing Volunteers

Posted 14 May 2019

The astronomy community in Western Australia is very generous with their time and their talents! During this past year, Stargazers Club WA has been working on a project called Astrotourism Towns.

Nine Local Governments in the Mid-West and Wheatbelt regions have been helping to establish a network of Astrotourism Towns on a stargazing trail across WA. Together, we’ve created 18 locations for Astrotourism activities including stargazing and astrophotography. They are all mapped out at

During the year, we’ve held 31 stargazing and astronomy related events across the regions. We’ve alo deployed 125 telescopes and entertained over 1,200 people.

I couldn’t have done this without some wonderful volunteers who have joined me with their telescopes to inspire people from across WA with our spectacular dark night sky. Each volunteer brought their telescope or stood by a telescope and shared views of the beautiful country night sky with locals and visitors alike.

The volunteers came from various clubs and groups in WA. Some came from the Astronomical Group of WA, an amateur astronomy club located in Perth. There were some volunteers from the Geraldton Astronomical Group and others were local amateurs from the regional towns where we were stargazing!

Some of the volunteers were Stargazers Club WA members (that’s the Club I run!).

Stargazers Club is especially for beginners starting out in the hobby of astronomy.

You don’t need to know anything about astronomy or telescopes to join Stargazers Club activities and events. We carefully create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where any and all questions can be asked so people can embark on an astronomical adventure. That might be learning how to use a telescope or how to photography the night sky.

Some of the members who volunteered for the country events only joined Stargazers Club during this past year. It’s incredible to see them set up their telescopes and confidently share the views of the Moon, planets, star clusters and nebulae with dozens of visitors!

They impressed visitors with their knowledge. Even though they may only have a small amount of knowledge, when you know a little bit about the Universe, telescopes and what’s to see in the night sky, people are soon intrigued by what you can tell them!

By working together to help protect and promote WA’s pristine dark night sky, WA can become an international icon for world class stargazing. This asset attracts tourists, visitors, astrophotographers and amateur astronomers from around Australia and the globe to experience stargazing in regional and remote parts of our great State.

I know the volunteers are rewarded by the gasps of delight as a visitor looks through their telescope and sees the Moon!

I’m rewarded by opening up the world of astronomy, stargazing and telescopes to many people. Seeing their leaps and bounds as they embark on an astronomical adventure is wonderful. Empowering beginners with the knowledge that they then pass on to others is brilliant! Just like the brightest star in the night sky!

Thank you to all the Astrotourism Town Star Volunteers!

Brian, Astra, Brian, Auriol, Billy, Anita, Roy, Ralph, David, Lee, Leanne, Donna, Greg, Garima, Erin, Chris, Nils, Christine, Bill, Mike, Jillian, Alan, Lyndie, Katie, Adam, Jack, Viv, Graham, Ken, Michael, Paul, Zoe, Gary and Glyn.

– Carol Redford, Stargazers Club WA

About Stargazers Club WA

Stargazers Club WA is all about stargazing and astronomy for beginners. It’s a wonderful hobby to have. Throughout the year, we run regular events to help you discover astronomy, learn more about telescopes and find out what to see in the Western Australian night sky.

Being a member of Stargazers Club WA is lots of fun. It makes astronomy easy! Gold and Platinum Membership includes free events, lots of handy hints and tips. Plus you can meet others who share the same passion you do. Learn more over on our website.