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Welcome to our new Mentally Healthy Partners – August/September

Posted 1 Oct 2020

We’re excited to announce SIX new partners have signed to our Act-Belong-Commit campaign. We look forward to working with these fantastic organisations to enable mentally healthy communities.



EdConnect Australia is a charity that recruit, train and support skilled volunteers to provide life changing mentoring and learning support to students in the school community.

Their work raises literacy and numeracy standards, and also equips young people with the life skills they need. They enhance student’s wellbeing and enrich the community by enabling people of all ages to help each other.


Valuing Children’s Initiative

A society that is built on valuing children is a society that benefits all. Through research, education, and advocacy, the Valuing Children Initiative promotes the understanding that child wellbeing is essential to building a stronger society and is the shared responsibility of the whole community.

This awareness drives a cultural change where it becomes automatic to prioritise children’s needs across all facets of society, to create an environment in which our future generation can thrive and reach their potential.


U3A Perth

U3A Perth is an organisation for people aged over 50 who are interested in learning in a happy social network. The motto of U3A Perth is LEARN, LAUGH, LIVE. Their main goal is to encourage people to continue to learn into their third age whilst also encouraging friendships and support networks by providing social and fun events too.

U3A Perth aims to increase their members’ awareness of the need to look after their own mental health, and also to encourage others in the wider community who may be isolated to inspire them to Act-Belong-Commit by joining U3A and taking part in their learning and social events.


Busselton Dunsborough Alliance Against Depression

The Busselton Dunsborough Alliance Against Depression (BDAAD) is a grassroots organisation that belongs to a state-wide and global network of partners applying the evidence-based European Alliance Against Depression framework and is supported in Western Australia through the WA Primary Health Alliance.

Their vision is for a resilient Busselton-Dunsborough community with enhanced social and emotional wellbeing. The BDAAD aims to work with and through four main groups of people (The Four Pillars), GP’s and mental health service providers, mental health service users and high-risk groups and relatives, community stakeholders and the general community. They want to have a thriving community where everyone feels able and knows how to access the support they might need.


Western Sprint Swimming Club

Western Sprint (WSSC) is a competitive swimming club, providing a professional, safe, and friendly environment for both competitive and recreational club members to participate in the great Australian sport of swimming.

They foster and promote values such as participation, inclusiveness and club spirit and have an active social calendar which allows parents of junior swimmers an opportunity to socialise in conjunction with the Swim meet calendar outside of the swimming environment.


City of Bayswater

The City of Bayswater has an active and diverse community that embraces community spirit and collaboration. Each year, the City is proud to host a suite of free community events and workshops that foster community participation, inclusion and a sense of belonging.

The City is planning to raise community awareness of the importance of being mentally healthy and encourage new connections to local Clubs and groups by creating opportunities for the community to learn about the Act-Belong-Commit Program, and how involvement and participation in the community contributes to being mentally healthy.