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Our new 2023 Feelgood Feb calendar supports National Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17 February and provides a month full of ways to introduce positive actions into daily life.

A recent study found that people who performed kindness activities every day for one week saw a boost in their levels of wellbeing. The researchers also found the more kindness activities a person does, the greater the increase.

Act Belong Commit partner organisation were also given access to a toolkit of supportive resources, such as social media assets, to get behind the message.

2023 Health Awareness Calendar

Feelgood Feb is one of multiple promotional initiatives outlined in our 2023 Health Awareness Calendar which brings together various promotional days and weeks providing great opportunities to share the Act Belong Commit message.

Want to get involved?

Please contact us if you have questions about Feelgood Feb or if you would like to become a Partner and get involved.