We have a wide variety of resources to support individuals and organisations promote good mental health. 

What Is Mental Health?

It’s an expression we use every day, however the term 'mental health' is often misunderstood and associated with mental ill health. Learn more.

Educational Resources

Educational resources, including kindness cards, colouring-in sheets, planners, brochures and more.

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Targeted Resources

Resources and extra information for Schools, Youth, new parents, Aboriginal people, older Australians and to support those in recovery from a mental health problem.

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Publications and Reports

All of our background information and research, from the beginning of the campaign in 2002 to our most recent evaluation results. 

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Merchandise, Clothing & Signage

We have a variety of merchandise (water bottles, stress balls, pens), clothing (t-shirts, hats) and signage (pull-up banners, a-frames).