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10 Things to Do at Home for FREE

Posted 28 Sep 2018

10 things to do at home for FREE – perfect for when you’re looking for something to do, but can’t quite be bothered leaving the house!

Whether your finances need a break from spending, you’re not up for leaving the house or you’re after a simple and relaxing weekend to focus on self-care, here’s some mentally healthy ideas to keep you Act-Belong-Commit’ing at home!

1. A movie day – or night – in with friends

Gather your friends, prepare some healthy snacks and choose a good movie to watch.

ABC Team recommendations: The Harry Potter series, a Disney or Pixar movie marathon, or a bunch of 80-s and 90-s romcoms.

2. Spring cleaning

Have you been walking past that one item daily and thought to yourself “I must move that.” Well, now is your chance! Embrace a minimalistic approach and revamp your life with a spring clean – you’ll find motivation and inspiration from a clean space and less clutter…You might also feel less mentally cluttered!

3. Did someone say home decor?

Give your life, or at least your room, a fresh, new perspective. Why not re-arrange the house, your room or get stuck into some DIY décor inspired by Pinterest!

4. Life admin

We all have to do some life admin every once in a while, and many of us put it off. However it is worthwhile to keep on top of things. Reviewing your insurances, paying bills, filing paperwork, that tax return you’ve been putting off… this can be daunting, so start slow! It will be worth it!

5. Reconnect with friends

Our friendships and connections with people help keep us mentally healthy! So pick up the phone and call that good friend you haven’t seen in a while for a chat! Better yet, organise a time for a proper catch up when you’re feeling up for it.

Young people running together

6. Digital detox

Try taking a digital detox from the constant busy-ness of social media and and all things tech! Why not sit down and sink your teeth into a good old paper book? We think reading is a great way to relax.

ABC Team recommendations: The Harry Potter series (again!), anything by Gillian Flynn or Brene Brown

7. Take a nap

Sleep is important and we will always recommend a good nap! Take as needed.

8. Try a new recipe

We all have something we’ve been meaning to try or something in the pantry we’ve been meaning to use, so try something adventurous! Weekly meal prep is another option (if you’re an organised person, that is). If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to start!

9. Unplug and garden

Feeling blue? Act green! Make time to smell the roses. Even if you find keeping plants alive a challenge, go outside, breathe the fresh air and reap the benefits.

Person admiring a flower

10. Spend quality time with your family or housemates

Make time to stop to have a chat and check in with your housemates or family.  

11. Take the A-B-C test

How involved are you in mentally healthy activities right now? We’ve put together an online tool to help you self-assess where you’re at and inspire you to Act, Belong and Commit to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

We’d love to hear your ideas of things to do from home when you’re bored!

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