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Celebrating WA Seniors Week!

Posted 12 Nov 2023

Recognising the important role older adults play in our community, WA Seniors Week 2023 starts today and will celebrate the contributions of older Western Australians with a range of exciting events and initiatives across the State.

As people get older, changes in lifestyle may feel daunting and often come with many emotions – some of which are unfamiliar. So, this Seniors Week, if you or someone you know wants to find things to do across the State, use our handy resources designed especially for older adults to find activities to boost mental wellbeing.

Use the Act Belong Commit Activity Finder to find ways to:

  • Act: Keep active physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, and culturally, and keep yourself energised and in touch with others. Find activities including art classes, chair yoga, museum tours, book clubs, dance classes and more this Seniors Week.
  • Belong: Make new friends, find your community, and create a sense of belonging by spending time with family and friends, joining a community group, and getting involved in new activities.
  • Commit: Use Seniors Week as an opportunity to make a commitment and bring purpose to your life. Start a new project, learn a new skill or even volunteer – check out opportunities to commit in the Activity Finder.

Check out our new videos featuring some amazing people who are using the Act, Belong, Commit message to live a mentally healthy life as they age.

Watch the videos here.