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Design an Ad competition for school students

Posted 6 Jun 2023

Act Belong Commit is participating in Seven West Media Education’s Design an Ad Competition again this year! This competition provides all primary and secondary school students with an opportunity to create and ‘Design an Ad’ for a real organisation.

Among the organisations is Act Belong Commit, which allows students to learn more about the program, while having fun and being creative. Students can create an ad using the Act Belong Commit message of creating belonging in school. The West Australian have a website dedicated to this competition where the briefs and logos can be downloaded.

The competition is open to primary and secondary students in Western Australia.

Each participating organisation will select two primary and two secondary winners, who will each receive a $100 cash prize.

To choose Act Belong Commit as your brand simply head to the competition guidelines document, check out our advertising brief on page four, and download the Act Belong Commit logo here.

Competition closes on the 15th of September, for more information on how to enter visit the Media Education website.

How can my School get involved with Act Belong Commit?

This initiative was delivered by Act Belong Commit’s Mentally Healthy Schools program.

Act Belong Commit partners with over 130 schools in Western Australia to support schools in delivering mental wellbeing strategies to improve and maintain mental wellbeing for students, staff and the wider school community. The program promotes good mental health strategies at the individual and community level, and encourages the creation of supportive environments for positive mental health.

Find out more here or contact us to find out how to become a Mentally Healthy School.