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Welcoming our newest Mentally Healthy partners!

Posted 3 Jun 2023

We’re excited to highlight eight new partners who have signed on to our Act Belong Commit campaign. We look forward to working with these fantastic organisations to enable mentally healthy communities.

New partners June 2023

New partners who joined in early 2023

Swim Mechanix
Swim Mechanix wants to more people to experience the mental wellbeing benefits of being in the water. Working from locations in Lesmurdie, Byford and Success, Swim Mechanix’s programs include Infant Aquatics and Swim & Survive, multicultural classes for both men and women, and training for instructors working with people with autism and their families.

Spectrum Space
Spectrum Space describes itself as “a bold, innovative community organisation tearing down social barriers for autistic people”. Its mission is to provide opportunities for people on the autism spectrum to develop and display their strengths, abilities and contributions.

MAN UP is a not-for-profit, peer-to-peer education service that works to empower young men and redefine what masculinity actually means. It runs workshops with a focus on mental health and wellbeing, and aims to transform boys into confident, purpose-driven and emotionally capable men.

The Men’s Table
The Men’s Table provides a safe place for men to come together and share openly with other men about their lives, challenges, highs and lows. It offers a sense of belonging, community, peer support and camaraderie.

The Shaken World
This gifted duo writes, records and performs music that prompts people to think more deeply about the way they live their lives. Through original songs on topics like acceptance and human connection, they encourage people to spend less time on their screens and more time with people and activities that truly matter.

Wyld Tribe
Self proclaimed “liberators, activators and wyld woman warriors” Wyld Tribe is a celebration of women. It brings women together in a supportive community that shares knowledge and wisdom and nurtures personal growth.

Imperial Calisthenic College
Dance, gymnastics, simplified ballet, singing and apparatus…calisthenics is the performing sport that has it all! Imperial Calisthenic College offers classes for children from 5 to 17 years old, fostering self-discipline, teamwork and self-esteem and building physical fitness, confidence and friendships.

North Metropolitan Health Service
NMHS provides a range of health services to over 730,000 Western Australians in five hospitals. The service relies on thousands of doctors, nurses and other health professionals and Act Belong Commit will provide a framework for supporting the mental wellbeing of this vital group of people.

Check out our full list of Partners here.