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FREE WELL MAN Phone app designed to improve lives of boys and men

Posted 6 Jun 2018

If you are a modern man wanting to make changes in your life but have no idea where to start, fear not, there’s an app.

The Well Man App will be released on Android and iPhone from Thursday 14th June at 9.30 am Perth, West Australia time by WA Health Minister Roger Cook and Speaker for the House Peter Watson on the steps of Parliment.

The free app is available in Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, United States of America, Canada, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Grant Westthorp, CEO of the Men’s Resource Centre (MRC), said the group realised a phone app would make accessing information easier for blokes anywhere on the planet.

“The Well Man Phone App features the Men’s Survival Handbook Edition 5 incorporating answers to questions asked by our regular Wellness Check participants on a diverse range of subjects,” said Mr Westthorp.

One of the features we are particularly keen on is the 18 Day Challenge. The challenge encourages participants to take responsibility for their lives. Daily a topic is introduced for consideration, some will already be known, some will fire memories and others may be totally new.

“Each day physical, mental, social and food challenges are completed. To strengthen the challenge, a journal can be used to record each day’s achievements.”

Mr Westthorp said to make the challenges even more fun, participants could challenge mates, work colleagues, family and friends to complete programs together.

“The 18 Day Challenge will give players a new direction in life,” he said, “inspire them and put a smile on their dial.”

Also on the app are 9 Tips To Staying Alive 4 Men. This section contains helpful information and skills for men considering suicide. The insightful tips have been gathered from walking beside and supporting vulnerable men who opened up about their experiences and asked for specific information and skills.

Content for the app was the brainchild of Mr Westthorp, and the app itself was designed and developed by the dedicated and determined Alex Arnold, a University of Western Australia software engineering student, seconded from the McCusker Centre of Citizenship Internship Program. Alex donated 400 hours to the project and the MRC greatly appreciated Alex’s commitment and generosity.

young man at desk

Alex Arnold designed and developed the Well Man App.

The MRC has been assisting men to live longer, better and more fulfilling lives since 2005 and is based in Albany, a city on the edge of the south coast of Western Australia.

Some of the content has already been published in the MRC’s Men’s Survival Handbook. Over the last six years, more than 17,000 hard copies of the Handbook have been distributed Australia wide and overseas.

For more information:

Website: mensresourcecentre Facebook: Twitter: @MensResourceCen Instagram: @grantwestthorp

Disclaimer: The information provided on the WELL MAN APP is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read/seen/heard here. ©Reproduction with consent only Men’s Resource Centre (Inc.) 2018.