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Let’s get active this August!

Posted 30 Jul 2021

We’re halfway through 2021, and the year has certainly had its ups and downs! But Active August is fast approaching and that’s a great reason to take our mental health into our own hands.

When there’s so much that seems to be outside of our control it’s more important than ever to remember the things we can control. Staying active can be one, so we encourage you to jump in and make August your most active month of this year.

We know being active – physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, culturally – is a key step to protecting and enhancing our mental health.

We’ve put together an Active August Calendar full of ideas for filling each day with things that support your mental health and hopefully make you feel good. They don’t need to strain your budget or take a huge amount of time. Every little bit counts and the more you do, the more you’ll benefit. You may find you adopt new hobbies and habits that enhance your mental health long after August has passed.

Get a copy of the Active August Calendar here or follow us on socials to get tips and inspiration! Feel free to share to others who may also need some encouraging.

Top ten tips for getting active this August:

1. Check out the Act Belong Commit Activity Finder for ways you can get active this August! Find hundreds of fun, free or low-cost local activities, from local clubs to learning a new skill, there’s something for everyone.

2. Flex your creative muscles. Get crafty, paint, draw, take arty photos or colour-in.
Tune into your creative vibes, there’s great mental health benefits in engaging in the arts.

3. Turn up the music, sing and dance like no one’s watching. Whatever you’re into, getting down to your favourite jam is a great way to decrease your stress levels.

4. Get out in the garden and connect with nature – plant new life, prune or clean up. Get your hands dirty and grow something green. You don’t need a huge garden, you could try some herbs in a pot on your balcony!

5. Get spiritually active. Meditate, pray, do some yoga or tai chi – whatever works for you to connect with your spiritual self.

6. Curl up with a good book, magazine, or podcast. Reading is a fantastic way to keep mentally active. Whether you’re reading to learn, to escape, or for entertainment, indulge your love of reading for good mental health.

7. Try a recipe from a different culture. Challenge yourself to get creative in the kitchen and cook something new! Search online for a yummy international dish that you love to eat but have never tried to make before. Appreciating culture and cuisine is a very tasty way to get active for good mental health!

8. Stop and say hi to your neighbour. Keeping connected to others in our community is an amazing way to foster a great sense of belonging.

9. Whatever the weather, get outdoors and mindfully breathe in the fresh air. Breathing mindfully can help us to refocus our thoughts. Get comfortable and find a place to be still for a few minutes. Try to keep your attention on your inhale and exhale, and focus on how fresh the air is outdoors.

10. Reflect on how you can keep active throughout the rest of the year and set some goals.

About Act Belong Commit:

Act Belong Commit is directed from Curtin University’s Mentally Healthy WA. Funded by Healthway and the Mental Health Commission, the Act Belong Commit campaign promotes mental health by reminding us to regularly:

  • ACT: Do something to keep mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and culturally active.
  • BELONG: Do something with someone to keep connected to friends, family, community and culture.
  • COMMIT: Do something meaningful – get involved in activities that provide meaning and purpose.

At you’ll find helpful information including hundreds of simple, do-able and achievable activities you can do to improve your mental health