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Mental Health Week photo competition: Results are in!

Posted 6 Dec 2023

WA Mental Health Week is an annual event held in October which aligns with World Mental Health Day on 10 October. It is organised by the Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) and supported by the WA Mental Health Commission.

To support Mental Health Week 2023, Act Belong Commit hosted a photo competition, accepting entries in the following categories:

  • Individual (under 18)
  • Individual (18+)
  • Primary school classroom
  • Community Partner group

Entrants were asked to describe how their photo reflected the 2023 Mental Health Week theme of “Mind, Body, Environment”:

Winning entries

Congratulations to Manja, Melanie, Noranda Primary School and Kondinin Community Resource Centre!

Manja (top left): “My photo was taken along the Swan River in Fremantle. The environment fills me up with invigoration and positive energy. I cycled from Dianella to Fremantle and back! Since then, I have completed this route 3 times and still love it. It’s not how long it takes, it’s the journey and who you’re doing it with.”

Melanie (bottom left): “I’m an introvert who works full time, volunteers at a local calisthenics club and I’m also a mum. My self care involves recharging through creative pursuits. It’s incredible to relax at home while making something beautiful with my hands. This handsome guy is always by side and I love his quiet company and unconditional love.”

Noranda Primary School (top right): “Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 completed a lesson discussing mentally healthy activities. Students then chose their favourite mentally healthy activity and wrote or drew it on a leaf, which was then added to their class branch on our Mentally Healthy Tree displayed in the undercover area.”

Kondinin Community Resource Centre (bottom right): “Participants of the Intuitive Collage workshop had the opportunity to let their minds be free and experiment with a number of different materials to create a collage.”