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Special Sunday Times 3 part children’s feature

Posted 16 Feb 2022

It’s never been more important to focus on student mental health and wellbeing.

In answer to this call, Act Belong Commit has partnered with Seven West Media Education on an exciting special feature for children, starting this weekend in The Sunday Times.

For three consecutive weeks, the newspaper will include a 4-page lift out on student wellbeing, mental health and resilience, closely tied to the Act Belong Commit message. It will explore proactive ways to help protect and promote mental wellbeing, such as getting active, connecting with others and helping your community. Not only do these actions make you feel good, they also develop resilience, and a strong sense of self-worth and belonging.

  • The message of the first feature (Sunday 20 February) will be “Do something!” ACT
  • In week two (Sunday 27th February) students will be prompted to “Get connected!” BELONG
  • In the final edition (Sunday will be all about “Make it meaningful!” COMMIT

These 4-page lift outs are available for teachers to order AT NO COST. Class sets of 35 copies of these editions of The Sunday Times along with merit stickers and posters can be delivered to your school. You need to order before February 17. To find out more and order, visit Media Education.

Miss out on getting your order in? Contact the Mentally Healthy Schools program to get hold of some extra copies we had printed.

More about Mentally Healthy Schools

Schools play a vital role in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of students, staff and the wider school community. The Mentally Healthy Schools program provides a framework to embed Act Belong Commit within the classroom, whole school environment and broader school community to encourage people to take action to improve and protect their mental health and wellbeing.

With thanks to funding from the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation, Mentally Healthy Schools works with over 120 partnered schools providing access to a comprehensive campaign and program to promote a positive, action-oriented message relevant to students, staff, parents and carers.

Find out more here or contact us to look at becoming a Mentally Healthy School.