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Welcome to our new Mentally Healthy Partners: Feb Part 2

Posted 25 Feb 2022

We’re excited to highlight four new partners who have signed on to our Act Belong Commit campaign. We look forward to working with these fantastic organisations to enable mentally healthy communities.

Men’s Sheds of WA

Many men, especially after retirement, find themselves alone, often living on their own and needing to connect with their community and find a new purpose. Men’s Sheds have become important community hubs throughout Western Australia – places where men can feel included, work on their own projects and give back to their community.

DiGii Social

Used appropriately social media can connect children and enrich their lives but it also has the potential to cause children real harm. DiGii Social teaches pre-teen children how to be safe, resilient and kind online through a custom-built social-media training platform for Year 5 and 6 Primary School children.

Guildford & Kalamunda Swimming Club

Swimming is not only a great way to improve physical fitness, it can also do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Whether its competing as part of a team, swimming socially, volunteering, or just watching family and friends, Guildford and Kalamunda Districts Swimming Club provides countless opportunities to be active, connect with others and have fun.

Music Rocks Australia

Music Rocks Australia is a music community and school for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. It uses song writing and music recording to support and build confidence in people living with mental illness or those who simply want to use music to enhance their mental wellbeing. Music Rocks engages students according to their individuals needs rather than strictly following traditional music teaching methods.

Check out our full list of Partners here.