Where to from here

Congratulations on getting through the Act-Belong-Commit Guide to Keeping Mentally Healthy.

You should now have a good idea of what you could do to keep more mentally healthy. In the sections on the next page, write a brief summary of what you plan to do over the next 3-4 weeks in each of the Act-Belong-Commit areas. For each area write down what you intend to keep on doing and what you will try to do as a result of working through this Guide.

When you have finished, print it out and put it on your fridge. What also helps is to tell your friends or workmates or other family members what you intend to do. Making our goals public helps motivate us to achieve our goals. Why not post your goals on the ‘pledge’ feature on this website.

Where to from here (continued)

My intentions





After a month or so, go back and do the Wellbeing questions again. You can also re-do the Act-Belong-Commit questionnaires to see whether you have improved your activity levels in these domains.

Keep on trying. Changes in activities take time and effort. If you find your activity levels falling back, take time out to think about why. Then when you feel you are able, set new goals and try again. The more times you try and succeed even a little, the more likely you will eventually succeed

Let us know how you go

We would love to hear from you about your attempts, your successes, your failures, your inspirations and your disappointments, how you put the Guide’s advice into practice and how we could improve the Guide.

Go to our Facebook page and tell your story. It just might inspire someone else to try and do things to keep mentally healthy. Or phone us on (08) 9266 4648.