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Research & Evaluation

Mentally Healthy WA’s Act Belong Commit campaign and its targeted programs are evidence-informed. Based at Curtin University, the campaign was originally developed in 2008 by researchers, social marketers, psychologists, health promotion experts. Continuous research and the evaluation of the campaign and its programs ensures they remain relevant and effective.


No better time to revisit this mental health message (2021)

Mental Health Wellbeing Explainer (2021)

Impact on staff of the Mentally Healthy Schools Framework (2020)

Associations Between Multiple Leisure Activities, Mental Health and Substance Use Among Adolescents in Denmark: A Nationwide Cross-Sectional Study (2020)

Developing a culturally appropriate branding for a social and emotional wellbeing intervention in an Aboriginal community (2018)

Act-Belong-Commit Indicators Promote Mental Health and Wellbeing among Irish Older Adults (2018)

The protective properties of Act-Belong-Commit indicators against incident depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment among older Irish adults: Findings from a prospective community-based study (2017)

The association between Act-Belong-Commit indicators and problem drinking among older Irish adults: Findings from a prospective analysis of the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) (2017)

Implementing a Mentally Healthy Schools Framework based on the population wide Act-Belong-Commit mental health promotion campaign: A process evaluation (2016)

Impact of a population-wide mental health promotion campaign on people with a diagnosed mental illness or recent mental health problem (2016)

‘Mental health is what makes life worth living’: an exploration of lay people’s understandings of mental health in Denmark (2016)

Increasing brand recall for naming rights sponsorships (2015)

From rhetoric to action: Adapting the Act-Belong-Commit Mental Health Promotion Programme to a Danish context (2015)

Act-Belong-Commit Lifestyle Medicine for Keeping Mentally Healthy (2014)

Impact on community organisations that partnered with the Act-Belong-Commit mental health promotion campaign (2013)

Developing the Perth Charter for the promotion of mental health and wellbeing (2013)

A Great Way to Live Life. The Act-Belong-Commit Guide to Keeping Mentally Healthy (2013)

Impact evaluation of the Act-Belong-Commit mental health promotion campaign (2012)

Communicating with older people about positive mental health (2012)

Chapter 16 – Happiness and Mental Health: The Flip Side of S-AD (2008)

People’s beliefs about factors contributing to mental health: implications for mental health promotion (2007)

The impact on mental health in others of those in a position of authority: a perspective of parents, teachers, trainers and supervisors (2006)

Fact Sheets

In October 2021, Mentally Healthy WA was pleased to respond to the Mental Health Commission’s consultation regarding the development of a framework to guide mental health wellbeing intervention. In this Mental Health Wellbeing Explainer we respond to the Mental Health Commission’s questions about the definition of mental wellbeing and effectiveness of health promotion interventions.

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