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Stay physically, socially, spiritually and mentally active, e.g. read a book, dance, go for a walk, call a friend, play a musical instrument. Being active helps keep us alert, builds friendships, lifts our spirits and helps us cope during stressful times. 

Keep up friendships, join a club and take part in community events, e.g. join a local sport team, music or arts group. Belonging builds friendships, gives us a sense of identity, creates opportunities for meaningful participation, strengthens communities and it simply feels good to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Put a little more effort into the things you do, try things that are challenging and help others where you can, e.g. help out a friend with their homework, help an elderly person with their garden, learn a new skill such as playing chess or even cooking fresh veggies from the school garden. These activities give meaning and purpose to life so that we feel better about ourselves and other people.

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  • Samaritans Youthline WA - 1800 198 313

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